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Tips for Your First Day at a New Company

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Tips for Your First Day at a New Company

​When we join a new company, it’s very important to make the right impression to your supervisor so that they could feel that they didn’t choose the wrong candidate among all the applicants that come to the interview. That this candidate they choose is good, has the basic know-how, shows responsibility, and they’re looking forward to working with this person.

1. Never ever come late (Or come too early)

It's very common for a new employee to come early to make a good impression and show that you're excited to work here and feel the motivation to work. Note that you should definitely come at least 10 to 20 minutes early, and, NEVER BE LATE.

2. Wearing a formal Outfit

Make sure you follow the dress code for the workplace, just like how you wore a school uniform to show that you were a student, a teenager or a minor. It shows your current duty as a student. It's the same case at the workplace. For a young adult and an adult who needs to upgrade yourself as you're already an individual who works, has responsibility, is meant to be a reliable individual and you're ready for the new challenges that this workplace will offer you.

3. Silent your Phone

Just in case you forget this. Please keep your phone on silent before or as soon as you arrive at your new workplace so the pinging and ringing won't disturb others or even you, yourself. If it's silent, you won't get distracted and could fully focus on your work.

4. Never ignore your supervisor or co-worker

Network yourself! Say hello to them, show that you're pleased to be there with them. Creating a supportive environment at the workplace is very IMPORTANT. It'll make you still feel the motivation to come to work even if the work is making you struggle. If you have co-workers and a supervisor who is supportive of you, it will give you someone to turn to and give you support. They won’t do this, if you do not build a relationship with them from day one.

5. Welcome to help others

What comes around goes around. If you see one of your co-workers struggling with their work, you should go and ask if they need any help or how you can help them because it could be something you know about. Feel the bond, make them feel comfortable that you're willing to help because everyone should feel happy to be at work and enjoy life in the workplace, right?

6. Never hesitate to ask for help

If you're struggling, don't hesitate to ask for help. Don't feel embarrassed or feel like you're a bother or be on your own too much because you're a newbie and you need to learn. It'll take too much time even to finish the task on your own and you still can't guarantee that you won’t make any mistakes. Let's listen, learn, try to do it yourself after doing it once or twice with help then you'll be ready to go more than ever.

7. Ease your mind

Be ready for any task BUT don't easily feel stress or else, it'll make you rush to do things and miss out a lot of important information. Relax, organise your thoughts, think about the overall point when your supervisor tells you to do any task. Drink some water, don't rush yourself, and give time for yourself. Practice makes perfect, and you won’t do anything perfect if you rush without the proper experience.