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Things To Do On Payday To Manage Money Better

Things To Do On Payday To Manage Your Money Better

(Khmer below)Payday is the most anticipated day of the month for employees after long days of work. Here are five useful tips to help you get the most out of your paycheck without spending extra mo...

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Things To Keep In Mind When Writing A Cv Curriculum Vitae (1)

Things To Keep In Mind When Writing A CV (Curriculum Vitae)

(Khmer below)When applying for a job, it is critical to make a good first impression since your CV represents you. So to get a strong first impression, it would be a mistake to say, "It's just a CV...

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Workplace Etiquette (1)

Workplace Etiquette

(Khmer below)Most employees spend about an average of eight hours a day. Work is more of a second home because you spend more waking time at work than at home. Whether you are just a beginner or no...

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Better Working Days (1)

Things You Should Do To Make Your Working Days Better

(Khmer below)Normally, a person spends more than 90,000 hours throughout life at work. It's imperative to be energetic and fresh in the morning before work instead of sitting and counting down your...

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Tips for Your First Day at a New Company

​When we join a new company, it’s very important to make the right impression to your supervisor so that they could feel that they didn’t choose the wrong candidate among all the applicants that co...

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Job Interview Two Business Professionals Greeting New Colleague Min

What to prepare before an interview : For interviewers and interviewees

​The success of an interview does not only depend on the interviewee. In order for both parties to benefit, the interviewer should also prepare thoroughly before the interview. Interviewers represe...

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Pensive Asian Business Man Biting Pen Min

“Decisions, Decisions”

Life is full of decisions, and although sometimes it can be small and insignificant such as choosing your favourite ice-cream flavour, sometimes it can be as hard as choosing your right career path...

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Cropped Business Man Making Notes From His Smartphone Calendar Organizer Min

Why is it important to conduct pre-employment background checks?

​It’s very important to conduct pre-employment background checks, considering you are hiring someone to make the company run smoothly and profitably, paying them with the company’s money and entrus...

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Multiracial Group Young Creative People Smart Casual Wear Discussing Business Brainstorming Meeting Ideas Mobile Application Software Design Project Modern Office Coworker Teamwork Concept Min

Be Productive in Bursts

​We have a finite number of hours in the day and those hours are increasingly being used up in our everyday life. With large chunks of the workforce working from home (WFH) permanently or alternati...

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Portrait Freelance Asia Women Casual Wear Using Laptop Working Living Room Home Working From Home Remotely Work Self Isolation Social Distancing Quarantine Corona Virus Prevention Min

Essential Job Search Strategies

It is not difficult to find a job. In a competitive network-driven job market with many jobs, you need to find a job quickly and systematically to land the one that goes well with you. You also nee...

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Woman Business Interview Min

Things To Avoid After An Interview

Job interviews are really an exciting and challenging experience for everyone. No matter how skillfully you answer questions in the interview, you still must be able to maintain a positive impressi...

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Asian Woman Home Using Laptop Min

Crucial Tips For Working Remotely

COVID-19 has caused most of us into a Working From Home routine and some companies are focusing on remote working to make it more flexible for employees. It's no longer essential to be in the offic...

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Things You Should Never Include In Your Cv My World Careers Cambodia

Things You Should Never Include in Your CV

Usually hiring managers or recruiters receive a ton of CVs everyday depending on how many job openings they post. That is why they don't always have the adequate time or resources to review each on...

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Why Use A Recruitment Agency To Land The Job Of Your Dreams My World Careers Cambodia

Why Use A Recruitment Agency To Land The Job Of Your Dreams

Finding the job you want is not always easy! You have been hunting for a job for quite some time and it seems there isn't any suitable job for you out there? Job searching can be frustrating and...

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How To Get Your Cv Noticed And Shortlisted By A Recruiter My World Careers Cambodia

How To Get Your CV Noticed and Shortlisted By A Recruiter

Have you sent your CV to recruiters or applied for multiple jobs on the recruitment websites but haven't heard back from them about any relevant jobs? This is one of the most frequent complaints th...

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Business Man Pushing Large Stone Up Hill Business Heavy Tasks Problems Concept Min

You Must Take That Challenge!

​Everyone likes to be comfortable, they want an easy, stress free life that still rewards them financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for 99.9% of us, so we best embrac...

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Digital Technology Internet Play Display Contact Min

How to be Professional on LinkedIn?

​Being on Linkedin is a must today but are you utilizing it to the fullest and in a professional way for your next career opportunities or visibility within the market? Here are 5 of the most impor...

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Paper Silhouette Cutout Man Businessman Drawing Steps Min

How To Flourish On Your Career Path

​Hi, First of all, I want to say Thank you and Well done to each of you for surviving this far.Today’s Blog may lead you to make decisions in an uncertain situation, but it will show you how to mak...

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Business People Meeting Discuss Situation Market Min

How To Find A Right Mentor For You

​When you first enter a workplace, you often have to deal with issues related to processes, culture and task challenges. It is always really helpful if you have someone who can help guide you and o...

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Young Asian Business Female Using Laptop Video Call Talking With Family Dad Mom While Working From Home Living Room Self Isolation Social Distancing Quarantine Coronavirus Prevention Min

Tips To Spend Time Wisely When Unemployed

​A quick flashback to 2021: We all know that 2021 wasn’t a great year, same as 2020. We can say it’s even much worse for the people of Myanmar. However, I am not here to talk about things we have b...

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