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Fastest-Growing Marketing Methods and Positions in Cambodia

​The marketing industry has grown significantly in popularity in Cambodia over the past ten years. But in recent years, this field has developed marvelously into one with excellent results. To beco...

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Recruitment Hiring Career Job Emplyment Concept

Recruitment: 5 Essential Tips for Finding the Best-fit Candidates

Recruiting the right employees is critical to the success of any organization. Here are 5 essential tips for finding the best-fit candidates for your job openings: 1. Define the J...

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Side View Three Colleagues Discussing Project Sitting Office Desk

The Power of Positive Communication: Strategies for Building a More Productive Workplace Culture

​ A healthy workplace culture is essential for every firm that wishes to prosper. Management is critical in developing and supporting this culture by defining expectations, modeling posit...

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Business Team Discussing Their Ideas Office Working Collaborate Together

Long Term Vs Short Term Role

​The outbreak of COVID had a huge impact on everyone around the world. Then the following circumstances that occurred in Myanmar did not favour to Burmese people as well. For the younger generation...

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Empty Workplace Office

Why should we create a green environment in the workplace?

I think most people may know the answer to this question but there will be some who don’t know how to answer. Please forget about the lifeless workplace and let’s create a fun and enjoyable workpla...

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Asian Man Job Interview Office Background Job Search Business Concept

Things you should know before going to an interview

In this highly competitive 21st century, you need to be well prepared when going to job interviews. Why did you apply for this job? What do you know about this job? What do you know about the compa...

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Explaining Terms

Why don't recruitment agencies mention the names of the companies when recruiting for job vacancies?

​This is the most frequently asked question by job seekers and candidates. Even if you apply for a job through a recruiting website, when you don't know the name of the company or the position you ...

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Executives Are Interviewing Candidates Focusing Resume Writing Tips Applicant Qualifications Interview Skills Pre Interview Preparation Considerations New Employees

Is a portfolio essential when we are applying for jobs? Why is it essential?

A portfolio is not the same as a resume. It does not take the place of a resume, it complements a resume. A portfolio presents the details of the projects that you have done before and showcases yo...

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Image 2022 12 01 T08 11 21

5 Tips for Being Punctual

How to manage time? In our daily social life, we have to communicate with many kinds of people every day. Sometimes when we meet people who are not on time, we get really upset when we have to wait...

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The Key Tips To Be Successful In An Interview My World Careers (1)

The Key Tips to be Successful in an Interview

Everyone has anxiety whenever it comes to job interviews. I have seen multiple candidates in the market who have really good experience in both hard and soft skills. However, there are still many s...

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The Art Of Job Hunting (1)

The Art of Job Hunting

Looking for a new career or job in the current market can take some time. Here are some tips and tricks for you to find the best matching job in the market and can boost your chances and progress o...

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How To Use Linked In Effectively (1)

How To Use LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is the most useful social platform for both job seekers and talent seekers or head-hunters. You can use this platform to hunt the jobs or talents and it is well known that hiring managers ...

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Things To Do On Payday To Manage Money Better

Things To Do On Payday To Manage Your Money Better

(Khmer below)Payday is the most anticipated day of the month for employees after long days of work. Here are five useful tips to help you get the most out of your paycheck without spending extra mo...

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Things To Keep In Mind When Writing A Cv Curriculum Vitae (1)

Things To Keep In Mind When Writing A CV (Curriculum Vitae)

(Khmer below)When applying for a job, it is critical to make a good first impression since your CV represents you. So to get a strong first impression, it would be a mistake to say, "It's just a CV...

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Workplace Etiquette (1)

Workplace Etiquette

(Khmer below)Most employees spend about an average of eight hours a day. Work is more of a second home because you spend more waking time at work than at home. Whether you are just a beginner or no...

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Better Working Days (1)

Things You Should Do To Make Your Working Days Better

(Khmer below)Normally, a person spends more than 90,000 hours throughout life at work. It's imperative to be energetic and fresh in the morning before work instead of sitting and counting down your...

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Tips for Your First Day at a New Company

​When we join a new company, it’s very important to make the right impression to your supervisor so that they could feel that they didn’t choose the wrong candidate among all the applicants that co...

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Job Interview Two Business Professionals Greeting New Colleague Min

What to prepare before an interview : For interviewers and interviewees

​The success of an interview does not only depend on the interviewee. In order for both parties to benefit, the interviewer should also prepare thoroughly before the interview. Interviewers represe...

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Pensive Asian Business Man Biting Pen Min

“Decisions, Decisions”

Life is full of decisions, and although sometimes it can be small and insignificant such as choosing your favourite ice-cream flavour, sometimes it can be as hard as choosing your right career path...

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Cropped Business Man Making Notes From His Smartphone Calendar Organizer Min

Why is it important to conduct pre-employment background checks?

​It’s very important to conduct pre-employment background checks, considering you are hiring someone to make the company run smoothly and profitably, paying them with the company’s money and entrus...

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