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Why don't recruitment agencies mention the names of the companies when recruiting for job vacancies?

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Why don't recruitment agencies mention the names of the companies when recruiting for job vacancies?

This is the most frequently asked question by job seekers and candidates. Even if you apply for a job through a recruiting website, when you don't know the name of the company or the position you applied for, you may feel unsure about the application. However, there are genuine and important reasons for not mentioning these.

The Recruitment Agency mediates between the client company, which wants to recruit employees, and the job seeker, who is looking for a job. This is the best way to save time for both parties, and to get the most suitable talent and the most suitable job.

Reason - 1 The client company wants to keep confidential during the hiring process

One of the reasons employers work with recruiters is that when searching for confidential roles from the company, the company's name cannot be revealed. For example, a company recruits new employees to push sales, but it does not want to leak this to their competitors, so in this situation they use the service of a recruitment agency.

Reason - 2 When the company searches for an internal position that doesn't want to leak to existing employees

When recruiting a replacement for an underperforming employee at the company, they do not want the company and the role to be known. So they connect with recruiting agencies to search for a confidential role. Sometimes, such roles are not even announced on the website and social media, and they go through the process in conjunction with the recruiter in accordance with privacy.

Reason - 3  When the unqualified candidates directly contact to the client

I am sure that as a candidate, you want to know more about the company and the position which you are applying for. But there is one condition where some candidates are trying to circumvent the hiring process. They try to contact the client company directly. They believe that this will enhance their candidacy but it goes the opposite way. When companies receive from the unqualified candidates, they don’t feel happy about it. The client will tell the recruiter that they aren’t going to consider those candidates anymore and will request the recruiter not to reveal the company name and the position to the candidates.

Because of these reasons, MyWorld, a recruitment company, doesn’t reveal the names of businesses in job announcements.