Aye Phyu began working with MyWorld Careers Myanmar shortly after finishing her education and obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Business. She joined as a Sales Support, the entry-level position at MyWorld Careers, she was rapidly promoted, and only after 2 years, she became a Recruitment Consultant who specialized in Human Resources & Admin, Accounting & Finance, Legal, and Education functions. Because of her excellent performance and strong networking skills, she was transferred to MyWorld Careers Cambodia to lead the Human Resources & Admin, Accounting & Finance, Legal, and Education recruitment team. Her cheerful, yet professional demeanor helped her build strong relationships with Myanmar's HR Leaders. She has been working to establish the same relationships in Cambodia since she moved there.

Her favorite activity to do in her free time is cafe hopping and exploring the best coffee shops in town. So you might run into her in some cafes on weekends.

Aye Phyu says "I still couldn't believe I had stated that I wanted MyWorld to be both my first and last employer. MyWorld is more like a home than a workplace to me, I have met great mentors, family-like colleagues, and supportive juniors. Being with MyWorld for over six years, and becoming a member of the leadership team makes me feel that I have indeed had such a wonderful journey. Although I only moved to Cambodia in 2022, I have already seen how MyWorld acts on behalf of clients and candidates and represents the recruitment market as a whole. In the near future, I believe MyWorld Careers will soon surpass all other employment firms in Southeast Asia."