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Retail Career Opportunities in Cambodia

Do you want to take the next move of your career in the retail industry? We are working with a lot of retailers to support their recruitment needs. Most of the employers are looking for an outgoing and confident retail professional who can give the best customer service and drive sales to hit the target. If you are an expert in retail industry, register your resume with us so that our professional consultants can directly contact you and discuss for the next career move.

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Why MyWorld Careers?

MyWorld Careers is standing as No.1 Recruitment Agency in Myanmar Market and we expand our business in Cambodia to help finding the better career for Cambodia Nationals. Retail companies in Cambodia are actively looking to expand their business after COVID-19. Through a lot of potential in retail industry, they are hoping to get strong candidates to lead their business. If you are an expert in retail industry, please feel free to contact us and our professional consultants will directly contact you for further discussion.

Why MyWorld Careers?