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Great Tips on Securing the Right Role

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Great Tips on Securing the Right Role

​Finding the perfect job is tough at the best of times, however, we all know that now is not the best of times, actually, it is one of the worst times in memory for most of the current workforce. However, this also presents an amazing opportunity for those who follow the right approach to their job search and don’t waste opportunities.

For too long in Cambodia, we have seen candidates who have randomly applied to roles that really do not suit them, or have no experience in. However, the trend is starting to change where candidates are now spending more time researching roles and companies, looking for job security as well as an exciting opportunity to grow and develop.

So how does this help you find the perfect role? Well, this kind of behavior actually means there are fewer candidates in the job market, but companies that are now seeing COVID coming under control with effective vaccine rollout are looking to hire and grow their team.

Cambodia has so many opportunities that many companies are looking for candidates with the right attitude, skill set and communication skills to help them grow their business during the next stage of economic growth Cambodia will see as restrictions ease and things go back to normal.

So what can you do;

  1. Make sure your CV is up to date and written well. You can find great CV writing tips here.

  2. Research vacancies on the market through job sites and by talking to reputable recruitment agencies

  3. Find roles that are aligned with your background (do not waste your time applying to jobs based on salary or job title)

  4. Make a targeted approach to the roles from the point above (3) that also interest you. This will dramatically increase your chances of getting an interview.

  5. If you are using a recruitment agency make sure they give you interview tips and make sure you do your homework as well about the company and position to enable you to sell yourself in the interview. If you are not using a recruitment agency you can find great interview tips here.

  6. Prior to the interview, make sure you practice the things you are going to say. Being good in an interview does not come naturally, it takes practice.

By performing the tips above you are in the top 4% of candidates that are giving themselves the best chance of success of securing the best role for them and not wasting your time.