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Misunderstanding Information Leads To Failed And Missed Opportunities

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Misunderstanding Information Leads To Failed And Missed Opportunities

​People use the information to seek the meaning behind certain situations they face in this world. In this digital era, information can be easily found at the tip of your fingers, and we have access to an unlimited amount of information/knowledge to acquire certain skill sets. It is undoubtedly amazing to see how much one can create success based on the information and how we use information in our daily life.

Information is always swirling around us but depending on the individual’s lifestyle, age, and background the interpretation of the information could be different and have different impacts on your life depending on how you react and use it.

It is interesting to see how information transmission is happening and how it can evolve during the process of moving based on the method we use. It is also very important to understand that information can come with a dark side as well depending on how one interprets or uses it.

As an individual working in the recruitment industry for over 5 years, I have encountered a good number of candidates who get intimidated by information when they are considering changing to a new role. Many eventually decided not to change because they were easily convinced by the information they received from unverified sources and ended up impacting their career growth and progression. If you are a working professional, I am sure you have come across these situations at least once in your lifetime. From this, I would like to share some very intimate information which usually comes by when one is preparing for a 1st interview or when they are considering applying to a company. When asked about why the candidate decides not to proceed, they will usually not explain the real reason and therefore not even seek a resolution or hear another perspective. Some examples of this are;

  1. Hearing information from someone who used to work in that role and misinterpreting about internal information;

  2. Misunderstanding the challenges of the role and thinking they are unattainable;

  3. Negative information about the reporting manager; or

  4. Heard that company products have a lot of challenges in the market to compete within the competition

This kind of information has become a reason for some individuals to destroy their own career development as they did not think about clarifying with the interviewer or recruiter and did not take their own perspective into consideration. The worst thing about this is that most people think that these things are not necessary for them to clarify and instead offer illogical reasons to decline to proceed further with the opportunity. Sometimes they could also become a messenger and jeopardize others' opportunities without even realizing it by sharing unverified information.

It is critical not to be intimidated by any information you come across when you have a plan to move to a new career or company. Always try to face every challenge, make your own judgment and decision based on your own perspective rather than being convinced by the misinterpretation of information.

Information plays a key factor in our lives and in today’s business world. Having rich information will always play as an advantage for you but if you do not validate or clarify the information you received, it also has the potential to make you a failure.