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The Modern Workforce: Diversity

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The Modern Workforce: Diversity

We have to acknowledge that there has been an imbalance in the workforce across the world. The comparison between women's pay and men's pay is already telling about this world's economy, and that’s not even going into minority women and men.


The most obvious advantage to a diverse workforce is the variety of experiences that diverse workers can give to their organization. One of the examples is that if the company’s main product line is feminine hygiene, it would stand that cis women workers would give the most valuable input. How could a cis man speak about these experiences? Another example is when a company brings in multinational staff to bring cultural understanding to the workforce. In this day and age, it’s important to be mindful of current politics. Be aware of what's happening in the world.

Untapped Workforce

By not diversifying the company, you are not making use of an untapped workforce. There can't be a limitless amount of people in the same pool. There are whole groups of people that are unemployed that could be beneficial to an organization, but some are not picked up because of nondiverse hiring policies.

HR managers should carefully consider how to understand the problems of those untapped workforces, to change the fundamentals of those hiring policies., e.g. work-life balance, harassment issues, cultural understanding, pay scales etc.


The organization can’t just have a diverse workforce, it needs to be an effective diverse workforce. They have to assimilate different worker groups, to have a harmonious work space and for that diverse force to be run smoothly. By diversifying, you’re hiring people who already have the odds stacked against them. Some prejudices and stereotypes run deep; organizations need to teach cultural and gender sensitivity. It starts at the top, leaders need to change the foundation of their work culture. The change also starts within yourself.