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Five Tips To Become Good Leaders

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Five Tips To Become Good Leaders

​“No one can succeed alone” that’s pretty sure in corporate life, whether right or wrong, your success is always influenced by all of your colleagues/associates and you should always keep that in mind. If you are a manager or a leader, your understanding of this is crucial to lead a team. So, let’s not think of them as your worker bees, but as an integral part of your success just like you are an integral part of their success.

Be the real you and personally help them

If you are thinking of completely staying away from personal connections with your colleagues, I would say you are becoming a typical leader. It is a delicate balance to manage personal relationships with your team while still keeping professional and leading them well. True personal support to your team members can create loyalty that is hard to break and invaluable in a business relationship.

Let them believe you believe them

We have a “Do Not Contact” client policy in our company culture. When an employee experiences unethical, rude, or aggressive treatment from a client, we always investigate the situation and if warranted we will cut ties with a client if proven correct. It’s not about how high the revenue that client is paying you, it’s about employees and colleagues knowing you have their back. The result both culturally and financially is nearly always a lot more rewarding.

Value their significant others

Many companies have a policy not to include employee's partners in their events. This ignores the huge support and added productivity when your employees have the support of their family toward their job and company. Including them gives the leaders in the business opportunities to talk to the partners and share how much their partners are appreciated by the business.

Measure your commitment and expectation always

Always avoid over-promising your colleagues because it can lead to trouble just like when a leader sets expectations too high, their morale gets worse even if they do their best. Keep a good balance in your day to day with both expectations and commitments.

Learn their strengths and weakness

It is all about knowing your people. I met one of my colleagues who was avoiding work. After taking some time to get to know her better, I realized that she had absolutely no interest in her current role. I suggested to her to redirect her career goals and finally, she became a high performer in her different roles within our organization. You will find success for each organization when you focus on finding the right fitting role for your team members based on their strengths and weaknesses.