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Tips To Spend Time Wisely When Unemployed

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Tips To Spend Time Wisely When Unemployed

A quick flashback to 2021: We all know that 2021 wasn’t a great year, same as 2020. We can say it’s even much worse for the people of Myanmar. However, I am not here to talk about things we have been through but to focus on what we could do to make the best out of it in building our own career during unpleasant times. 

Not everything we learn comes from failures, our own mistakes, etc. Sometimes, it is the timeline we have been stuck in where we can’t make any changes or improvements. How should we deal with this situation? We didn’t do anything wrong, but we can’t make things right for ourselves no matter how we try. We, people, easily learn how to achieve things and are always ready to embrace success but not the failures nor the pauses in life. Here are a few things that might help you to keep motivated during a period of unemployment.

Learn New Things

Whilst unemployed, people usually urge us to look for new jobs. It is not wrong at all. We have to look for new jobs and at the same time, we can take the chance to learn new things which can add value to our career or our own personal interests. There might be many reasons why people lost their jobs during the pandemic and political crisis. However, there are some things that we wished to learn before, but we didn’t have the time. Then, this time is the best for us to grab the things we want. It might be learning a new language or maybe learning some business skills for our next career chapter. 

Mental Health

This became one significant factor for everyone in the recent two years. In fact, we should take care of our mental health efficiently but most people including me are busy with our own stuff and don’t have much time to keep our minds healthy. When we talk about mental health, it is about training our brains to function efficiently and make the right decisions. So, for our brain, the food we eat every day plays a vital role and enough sleep follows. Most of us usually eat unhealthy food, fast food, junk food because we do not have enough time for preparing it while we are working. Now, we may have enough time to create a healthy routine whilst we are unemployed and we can spend time on meditation for our mental health.


This is one thing I have done a lot during the pandemic, and I am still doing it. It is the only option for us to stay connected with the people from our professional network or we can even create new connections with new people. We can ask how they are dealing with their challenges during the crisis, and not just about our job search. In this way, we can keep our communication skills and learn market updates from different industries. 

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