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How To Find A Right Mentor For You

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How To Find A Right Mentor For You

When you first enter a workplace, you often have to deal with issues related to processes, culture and task challenges. It is always really helpful if you have someone who can help guide you and offer you advice or even help you with your job.

There are those who learn from the successes of famous people like Bill Gates and Jack Ma. Some learn from successful people they meet during their careers. Some learn from their seniors and superiors.

A person who can guide you in this way is called a mentor. Mentors are role models who are more experienced and knowledgeable than you are and have made more mistakes that they can share with you to help you in your journey. Here are some tips to help you find a mentor in real life.

🚩 Find a person with the lifestyle you want.

When you are looking for a mention, don’t limit yourself to those who are in the same industry or a similar role to you, or have already traveled the path you want to travel in your career. As a mentor, you should study if they have the same or similar strengths or qualities to you. Imitating someone who is of a different type can lead to depression and frustration over time.

🚩 Observe

If you are not very familiar with the person you are aiming for as a mentor and you are not sure about the social reality of him/her, first, make sure to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. You may find that the image they show others is not really who they are. If he/she has a blog or social media profile, follow him/her. The best solution when you are not familiar with your target mentor is to take your time and really get to know them.

🚩Ask questions

Not just for work, have a cup of coffee and ask for a conversation in your spare time. Be prepared to ask any questions or discuss any topic you may have. When it comes to conversation, be gentle and kind. It can be much more effective if you are asking for advice.

🚩 Review

Do you want to meet again after talking? Did he/she listen carefully to what you had to say and give good advice? Were they someone who could answer your questions with interest or give you helpful answers or guidance? Were they someone who can give you reliable advice and boost your morale? If you do not feel any of these, they may not be able to be a mentor and you should continue searching. If you find that your mentor is a really good role model for you and can continue to guide you, I suggest you make the relationship last.

🚩 Let the friendship grow on its own.

When people talk to a mentor, they tend to be nervous and fearful. But it is best to have a normal conversation. Mentors are also good friends, so it takes time to start a relationship and you cannot force one. It is important not to be overly dependent on your mentor.

🚩 Do not run away when faced with real challenges.

A good mentor will also give you challenging problems to solve as a way to help you grow. This is a great way for you to get experience dealing with situations that you could use in your career. Being able to solve these problems will help lead you to success.

🚩 Request Feedback

Asking for feedback can be difficult, depending on how friendly you and your mentor are. But as a mentor and a learner mentee, the result is a sign of progress. Hope these tips can help you to make it easier to find a mentor.