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You Must Take That Challenge!

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You Must Take That Challenge!

Everyone likes to be comfortable, they want an easy, stress free life that still rewards them financially and emotionally. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for 99.9% of us, so we best embrace this fact and change our attitude towards what we expect from life to ensure we get the most out of it.

So how are you going to do this? Well, there are countless self help, motivational books out there that are available to you all and several of them are actually worth reading. Titles such as “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” & “Awaken the Giant Within” are classics that should be on everyone's reading list, and more recent titles I like are “Start with Why” and “Atomic Habits” are worth checking out as well.

However, most of these books aren’t really telling you something you do not already know, and couldn’t implement the practices into your daily life on your own. They are really just providing you the push to get started. Unfortunately, most of us who do get started, just don’t keep it up and after not too long we fall back into our old habits with the excuse “I will do it tomorrow instead of today”. But as we know, tomorrow never comes.

That is why, with all the obstacles and difficulties we have faced in the last two years, I wanted to boil down the main concept that most of these self help books promote.

That is to proactively and aggressively take on that challenge that confronts you every time.

I am not talking about the small little challenges that face us every day. These are things that should be ingrained in your desire to improve yourself. I am talking about those big challenges that we come up against a few times a year or if you are lucky every month.

Many people shy away from these big challenges saying that they are impossible, they are not capable, it is too much hard work and so on.

Unfortunately, these are also the people who miss out on the great opportunities that can present themselves when you are able to overcome these challenges. Opportunities could be the simple self satisfaction of completing a challenging task, or the possible future job promotion after you take on and complete a challenge presented to you at your company.

Look around you at work, or in your friendship group or even your family and I am sure you will see the people who are the most successful, are the ones that take on the big challenges that face them whenever they appear with a hunger to conquer them.

So next time your boss says they have a big problem to solve, or you find a sport you might be interested in, just jump right in and take a chance. No matter the outcome, you will have grown just from giving it a try.