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Why Use A Recruitment Agency To Land The Job Of Your Dreams

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Why Use A Recruitment Agency To Land The Job Of Your Dreams My World Careers Cambodia

Why Use A Recruitment Agency To Land The Job Of Your Dreams

Finding the job you want is not always easy!

You have been hunting for a job for quite some time and it seems there isn't any suitable job for you out there? Job searching can be frustrating and stressful especially when you urgently need one. If a job seeker is employed and looking for a new job to make a career move, they must prioritise the demands of their current jobs over their job search activities, applications and interviews. Thus they may not be able to allocate adequate time to their job search process and easily miss out on the opportunities. Many job seekers find new jobs through job boards, job fairs, company websites and social media. However, seeking a job only with these options can often lead to overlooking some great opportunities and is where the benefits of a recruitment agency come into play.

So firstly you need to understand 'How a recruitment agency works'.

To work with a recruitment agency efficiently, it is important for you to understand the process of how they work. Think of a recruitment agency as your job search partner, they will be with you through the whole process of your job search journey. Recruiters or recruitment agencies act as a bridge between companies and employees. Employers seek recruiters' help to acquire talents for their companies as they are more likely to find quality candidates faster, while allowing companies to focus on their core business.

After sending your CV or applying to jobs on their website, recruiters review your CV and contact you if they have any suitable positions or potential job opportunities for you. At this stage, they arrange an initial interview or screening session with you to get to know more about you. And then if they have a job opening which suits your experiences and qualifications, you will be shortlisted and get an interview schedule with the employer.

So now let's talk about 'Why use a Recruitment agency?'

Your recruiter does the job search for you

The actual job search process can be tiring. You may probably follow the same process multiple times - search for suitable jobs, send your CV or submit application to companies, get interviewed, and then repeat until you land a new job. Using a recruitment agency can save you time. Send your CV to them or register at their website and you stay in their candidate database. Once they have any suitable position for you, they will reach out to you to discuss more about the role. A recruitment agency also has access to a range of job opportunities including confidential roles which are not announced to the public. Working with a recruitment agency, you are not limited to those exclusive opportunities and if you are the right fit to their position, they will definitely contact you.

You can use their specialist knowledge

Do not forget to take advantage of your recruiter's expertise. They are able to reach a large number of connections and know their clients, which means they can identify what kind of candidate meets the client's requirements. They can also provide you details about the business that you might not be able to learn from a job description or any other place. Unlike when you apply for a job through a job portal or company page, you can rely on your recruiter to access more information about the company and the culture.

They will guide and support you through the whole process

In order to make a successful placement, recruiters cannot just source candidates and send them to the employer. From CV writing to interview preparation, even the salary negotiation they will guide you through the whole process and assist you with any information you need. Don't worry, they will not leave you alone in the middle of the process.

You can network on a larger scale

You shouldn't just sit in your office and work. It is important to network with more people to keep an eye on better opportunities and be in the know about updates and changes in the market. Recruiters might be the best information source for you as they always keep in touch with different levels of candidates in the same sector and industry. So there is no drawback for you to have a regular catch up with your recruiter. If a recruiter thinks you are a good fit for their client, they will be able to introduce you to them.

It's completely free

A recruitment agency like MyWorld Careers does not charge any fees for applying with them or using their service. While they are helping you to find a new job, you are also helping them in their search to access quality candidates.

So I believe only good things can come out of using a recruitment agency in your job search. But it doesn't mean you can just leave all your career and job search activities in the hands of a recruiter. Continue searching for relevant jobs elsewhere to broaden your reach and network with more people in the market so your chances of success increase.

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