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Things To Avoid After An Interview

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Things To Avoid After An Interview

Job interviews are really an exciting and challenging experience for everyone. No matter how skillfully you answer questions in the interview, you still must be able to maintain a positive impression you built throughout the interview once the interview is over. Because it is time that employers evaluate you against other candidates.

So, let's take a look at things to avoid after an interview.

Follow up frequently

If you haven't heard back within a week after the interview, be sure to follow up. You can use the Follow Up approach by email, LinkedIn, or phone, whatever is most suitable for you as long as you do it professionally. However, if you continue to send messages, make frequent phone calls, and follow up, you will create a negative impression on the interviewer and company.

Leaving your current job or stop looking for other job opportunities

This is just for your use. Because it is an unpredictable situation for you until you receive an offer letter. If you are sure you want to change jobs, you should keep trying other opportunities until you get an offer letter and decide to work for that company.

Posting the current interview process on social media

Avoid posting about your interview process on social media, whether it's positive or not. Once you mention the company name, you can get in trouble or even cost your job if the company finds out what you posted on social media. Moreover, you might not know what social media policy the company has in place and your posting could lead to a negative impression from the company.

Changing the expected salary

If you are overconfident and receive an offer letter with your expected pay range and then increase your request for the expected compensation, the company will have a different view of your ethics. It is a waste of time for both parties.