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The Art of Job Hunting

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The Art Of Job Hunting (1)

The Art of Job Hunting

Looking for a new career or job in the current market can take some time. Here are some tips and tricks for you to find the best matching job in the market and can boost your chances and progress on your job-hunting plan. For job-hunting, you can find loads of opportunities in particular platforms and channels such as job fairs, networking events, recruiters and even from referrals (Friends and Colleagues). However, it might take longer than you expect to get the job you want, and the possible reasons would be not having a strategic career plans and goal.

4 tips of Job-Hunting are as follows:

1.Update and organize your CV

Yes, your CV is the first requirement for you and your prospective employers. When it comes to job searching, your CV should be prepared in an organized and professional way. Information and descriptions in your CV should be updated, accurate and current. Having detailed descriptions about your working history, academic records, contact details, achievements and skill set are advantageous and bring tremendous results to you.

2.Upgrade your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, and you can find the right job, connect, and strengthen professional relationships, use LinkedIn as a job search engine and learn the skills you need to succeed in your career. Things you should do are choose the right profile pictures, update your headlines/ bio, sync your CV and LinkedIn profile, grow your network and connections, be active and show presence on the platform and publish quality content and articles. Moreover, you should avoid posting your personal life or activities on LinkedIn, save that for other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

3.Envision What Your Dream Job Is

Instead of muddling through your job search in hopes that it will land you any old job, take the time to take a step back. You want to be clear on what you are looking for in a job. Here are some of the things that you need to consider carefully:

  • Company culture

  • Room to Improve

  • Income and Benefits

  • Stability

  • Level of Responsibility

4.Prepare for your interview as you would for a first date

Remember the first time you went on a date? You dressed to impress, wore big smiles, and tried to stay calm as much as you could. It is almost the same as your 1st interview, as first impression matters.

Hope you find this blog helpful and supportive for your thoughts in your future.