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The Key Tips to be Successful in an Interview

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The Key Tips To Be Successful In An Interview My World Careers (1)

The Key Tips to be Successful in an Interview

Everyone has anxiety whenever it comes to job interviews. I have seen multiple candidates in the market who have really good experience in both hard and soft skills. However, there are still many skillful people who miss out on an opportunity because they prepare and gather enough information before they attend the interview. Therefore, I would like to share some tips on how to grab an opportunity at your favorite company.

1. Preparation

Before attending a job interview, you should make proper preparations. Research about the company in advance, this includes researching and reading up about the industry, checking the company's competitor information, as well as going over your strengths, and weaknesses as they relate to the position you are interviewing for. Being prepared in advance is the key to help making an interview a success.

2. Attire and Personal Hygiene

It is the first time you meet the interviewer and your first impression can change the result of the interview. The way you dress for the interview will be a sign of whether you respect the interviewer and how professionally you would behave in their business. Therefore, I would recommend wearing a "Professional Outfit" for the interview and regardless of the industry avoid recommend wearing jeans, sweat pants, crazy color dresses, slippers, sports shoes, and too much jewelry.

Moreover, a candidate has to be aware of their personal hygiene and I would like to highlight some important things you should prepare related to your personal hygiene.

  • Check your breath smell because bad breath will put off any interviewer and if you are aware of it you will not be able to talk confidently in the interview. I would recommend doing your best not to smoke before an interview. If you can't, please use gum and dispose of it prior to your interview.

  • For the male candidates, your nails should be short, neat and tidy. It would give you a bad impression to the interviewers if you have a long nails especially if you are talking to an international organization. Moreover, I would recommend shaving your beard, mustache, and nasal hair.

3. Practicing for the Interview

Please prepare in advance how to interact with the interviewer before the interview. If you are a person who easily gets anxious, I would recommend you write down your experience, background, and career achievement then practice in front of a mirror one day ahead. It would make you feel more confident, and you will not miss any important information in front of the interviewer.

4. Think Positively before the Interview

It is natural that you would be worried before a job interview as you are only human. However, if you have self-confidence and think very positively about the interview, this will lead you to be less stressed. I can guarantee that you will impress the interviewer if you come in calm, relaxed and positive.

5. Do the Best

This is the conclusion part of the tips. Please try to pitch yourself in the interview and how you fit with the company that you have applied to. Moreover, please do not forget to mention in that meeting that if the client hires you for the position, specifically how you will add benefit and to the company.