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5 Tips for Being Punctual

How to manage time? In our daily social life, we have to communicate with many kinds of people every day. Sometimes when we meet people who are not on time, we get really upset when we have to wait for them. But are you a punctual person? If you are often late for various reasons, your image may gradually decline both at work and in your social life. So, to prevent this from happening, I'm going to share with you some simple and effective tips.

1. Make it a habit to prepare for tomorrow.

Preparing the clothes you will wear tomorrow, the things you will put in your bag, and thinking about what you will eat for breakfast in advance will free up more time for tomorrow morning.

2. Don't use your phone for 1 hour before going to bed.

If you use the phone, you don't know how much time passes. Due to the light coming from the phone screen, it is possible to stay awake late because it makes it hard to fall asleep. Get enough sleep to wake up fresh the next morning.

3. Calculate for about 20 minutes to half an hour more than your average commute time.

When you encounter delays due to unforeseen issues such as more than usual traffic and late arrival of public transport or your lift to work, you will be able to overcome them calmly because of your habit of always leaving home early.

4. Prioritize important things first.

If you have too many things to do and start doing the unimportant things first, you end up unnecessarily late for the things that should be your priority. So set priorities and do the important tasks first.

5. Set a specific time to complete a task.

For example, if you set a task to be completed in 2 hours, make a habit of completing it within the specified time.

By following these points, you can make the most of your valuable time in life and become punctual.