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Tips, Effectiveness & Its Impact by accessing Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment

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Tips, Effectiveness & Its Impact By Accessing Emotional Intelligence In Recruitment (1)

Tips, Effectiveness & Its Impact by accessing Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment

Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays an essential role in the recruitment process. Selecting the right candidate is not just about accessing their technical skills and job knowledge; while it is also necessary to find people with soft skills.

The definition of Emotional Intelligence is about Self-awareness, relationship management, reaction to social complexities, behavior management and the personal decision to get positive results. Effective communication and Flexibility are natural come along with Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Here are tips to identify Candidate’s Emotional Intelligence (EI):
  • Behavioral interview questions: Give them questions about how they handle stress at work, how do they resolve conflicts, how do they react to work as a team, also ask candidates to share the struggling moments and how did they react to solve.

  • Soft skills Focus: To pay close attention if the candidate is an active listener, with self-awareness and empathy.

  • Reference checks: To ask about the candidate's teamwork skills and any achievement of being a team player.

Here are benefit of recruiting High Emotional Intelligence employee in organization: 
  • Improved Employee Engagement: They tend to have more engagement in their work because they can manage their emotions effectively which leads to increased work productivity and positive attitude towards the work environment.

  • Teamwork: They have a better collaboration with people with their EI competencies with their flexibility, communication skill and empathize which leads to a smooth work result.

  • Create Future Leader: These people often have a high quality of work overall which is beneficial to the organization to create many future leaders who have enough capability and ability to inspire others.

How can MyWorld Careers Consultation & Recruitment Help?

At MyWorld Careers Consultation & Recruitment, Emotional Intelligence is one of our recruitment strategies to enhance the quality of our service. We are approaching and identifying high Emotional Intelligence candidates to provide those key leaders to the market. MyWorld Careers can source potential candidates with high Emotional Intelligence with our individual’s expertise sourcing.