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Construction Manager Jobs in Cambodia

Are you looking for a job as a Construction Manager in Cambodia? The construction sector is one of the top growing industries in Cambodia. This sector constantly has a high demand for talented candidates who are specialized in the industry and have specific skills in Civil Engineering, Site Management, Site Engineering, Structure Design & Engineering. Managing the practical side of every stage of the build, working closely with architects, surveyors and other building professionals in planning and delivery. Supervise and direct a range of operations on a construction site and ensure that all trades people and contractors are working together to an agreed plan and that progress is being made. You may oversee a whole site, or a big part of a large-scale complex project. Most of the real estate projects comprise of a Developer, Main Contractor and Sub Contractors. The organization Chart is developed by Site Management, Project Management, Structure Design & Drafting. Over the last 6 years MyWorld has been working with top Construction companies and introducing talented candidates. If you are looking for positions in this sector, reach out to MyWorld.

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Why MyWorld Careers?

The Construction industry and it's related sectors are rapidly growing in Cambodia. This is an exciting and expanding industry where skilled candidates are in high demand. MyWorld has extensive experience working with some of the best construction professionals and construction companies in Cambodia and the region. If you have a large project and you are looking for the right talent, reach out to MyWorld Careers today to speak with one of the members of our Engineering Recruitment Team.

Why MyWorld Careers?