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Things To Keep In Mind When Writing A Cv Curriculum Vitae (1)

Things To Keep In Mind When Writing A CV (Curriculum Vitae)

(Khmer below)When applying for a job, it is critical to make a good first impression since your CV represents you. So to get a strong first impression, it would be a mistake to say, "It's just a CV...

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How To Get Your Cv Noticed And Shortlisted By A Recruiter My World Careers Cambodia

How To Get Your CV Noticed and Shortlisted By A Recruiter

Have you sent your CV to recruiters or applied for multiple jobs on the recruitment websites but haven't heard back from them about any relevant jobs? This is one of the most frequent complaints th...

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Things You Should Never Include In Your Cv My World Careers Cambodia

Things You Should Never Include in Your CV

Usually hiring managers or recruiters receive a ton of CVs everyday depending on how many job openings they post. That is why they don't always have the adequate time or resources to review each on...

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Resume And Cover Letter Myworld Careers Cambodia (1)

Resume & Cover Letter

Resume The resume is the first thing most employers / hiring managers see so make sure your resume has a positive impact and delivers a good impression. Remember most employers will only spend 10 t...

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