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Young Asian Business Female Using Laptop Video Call Talking With Family Dad Mom While Working From Home Living Room Self Isolation Social Distancing Quarantine Coronavirus Prevention Min

Tips To Spend Time Wisely When Unemployed

​A quick flashback to 2021: We all know that 2021 wasn’t a great year, same as 2020. We can say it’s even much worse for the people of Myanmar. However, I am not here to talk about things we have b...

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Akson 1 K8p Ib Irhk Q Unsplash

Pros of Fresh Graduates Who Are Interested to Work in Recruitment Industry

​Working within the recruitment industry offers agreat opportunity to learn and develop professional skills for fresh graduates.​Market KnowledgeFor a fresh graduate, the recruitment industry is th...

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Businessman Leader Presenting Work While Meeting Wiht Colleagues Office Business Team Meeting Presentation Conference Planning Business Concept Min

Five Tips To Become Good Leaders

​“No one can succeed alone” that’s pretty sure in corporate life, whether right or wrong, your success is always influenced by all of your colleagues/associates and you should always keep that in m...

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Woman Hand Writing New Years Resolution Note Paper New Year Day Min

New Year Resolutions for 2022

After a lot of things happen in 2021, everyone will be excited about how to get through the new year. No matter what, we can expect a better year in 2022. Many of you are probably already thinking ...

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